TBURG.US, is the web design component of Motherlode Pictures, a motion picture and graphics company in Central New York. We do small blog and e-commerce sites and partner with other web developers for bigger projects.


Bryan Root

2036 Cayuga St. Extension
Trumansburg, NY, 14886



A compendium of old and new

sites by Bryan Root

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Hello T-Burg! Tired of having to spell out your email address one letter at a time?
How about a nice neat "you@tburg.us?" I've only sold a few of these so far, so there's thousands of really short addresses available, even single digits, "1@tburg.us" for example.
I can route your new address through whatever email solution you already have so there's no learning curve. All that will change is that "mynamespelledbackwards@somewhere_i_dont_live.com" address you have now.
I can also host yourdomain.com and offer the same service with whatever email address you want there for $50/year!

Talent Pool

Trumansburg people I've worked with (this list is a work in progress):